The story follows Camellia as she explores the chasm that trauma creates between what we want and what we need. 

Writer/Producer: Mark Antonie
Director: Yafate Shifraw 
Director of Photography: Zacharie Saldana
Producer/ Asst. Writer: Kyla Kennedy

A ©MartyBrothersProductions Film 
All rights reserved









              Mark and I were very particular about how we wanted to conduct the auditions for Alternaria. With the script remaining flexible and organic , we empowered the actors to breathe life into the framework of our story and the relationships between each of the 6 main characters. 

            We provided a series of journal entries to give our actors a few secrets, a clear philosophy on their current state of life, and a sturdy groundwork to build on creatively. Four journal entries are included here; one for Honey (Camellia's best friend and co-worker), for Jen (Camellia's regular customer), Holland (Camellia's co-worker), and Dalton (Camellia's rapist).